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Digital DNA

Page history last edited by Andrew William Morrow 7 years, 10 months ago

I took some photograhs of the sculpture in Lytton Plaza known as Digital DNA , but I need some help translating the non-European sayings about the circuits.




I took four photos of it:



DDNA_3.jpg - includes Arabic at about 8 o'clock, ar: مافها كن (Mavha?) (on medium green, nar. horiz.)




custom written papers


Picture_095.jpg - title board

Picture_096.jpg - profile

Picture_098.jpg - profile & plaque

Picture_099.jpg - التحكم   (control) on blue board (as in ar:هندسة_التحكم for control engineering)

Picture_100.jpg - Hebrew and 2 Jap.,

* he:גלובליזציה (globalization) he:מעגל

* ja: (逍 or 檤?) ? ? 化する (does it)の回路

* ja:希望 (hope) の回路 (circuits)

Picture_101.jpg - Same lower Jap.

Picture_102.jpg - Tagalog (Philippine)

Picture_103.jpg - * ja:自爆 (self-destruct) する (does it) の回路

Picture_104.jpg - * ja:錯覚 (illusion) ? にる の回路 , ar: الئكتلدل ? (huh?) دوائر (

Picture_105.jpg - Hindi? Similar to Korean? Asian....

Picture_106.jpg - Korean

Picture_107.jpg - transcorporeal

Picture_108.jpg - ショート

Picture_109.jpg - マスメディア

Picture_110.jpg - Horz. and vert. Jap.: ja: 全世界 ? の回路 (worldwide) , * ja:ロボット (robot) の回路

Picture_111.jpg - DIGITAL DNA

Picture_112.jpg - Repeat of Picture_099.jpg

Picture_113.jpg - Arabic  (on olive green, hard to read) and Hebrew, ar: التفريق (differentiation? dispersing?) دوائر, he:מעגל (circuit/circle) ם ללא (without) he:גבול (borders)

Picture_114.jpg - Arabic (hope? hopefulness? misspelled? on dk. brown)    الأمل  (note: artist does not form requied ligature)


ddna2_001.jpg - Russian on grey, * ru:кругообороты (circuit) ru: молчанн (silent circuits)

ddna2_002.jpg - Arabic short  -  الكـتم (to suppress?)‎‎

ddna2_003.jpg - Hebrew, globalizing he:גלובליזציה (globalization) he:מעגל

ddna2_004.jpg - Russian on brown, идеологпческне (see ru:идеологический, ideological, ru:Идеология) ru:кругообороты (cycle)

ddna2_005.jpg - Political circ. (fading)

ddna2_006.jpg - Arabic on yellow/brown - ا?يالية

ddna2_007.jpg - Repeat Korean (better angle)

ddna2_008.jpg - Unidentified, cursive script, maybe Arabic

ddna2_009.jpg - Italien: Circuiti ? (very worn, almost gone)

ddna2_011.jpg - strange script that has peeled off

ddna2_012.jpg - Arabic: * ar: كنيسة (church?) دوائر (on light green, wide vert.)

ddna2_013.jpg - same Arabic, better angle






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