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Page history last edited by Andrew William Morrow 11 years, 12 months ago


The Mid-life Crisis of an Engineer

by Andrew William Morrow


Part 1 - Life-cycle

Ch. 1 - One's turn at being alive: Life as a wave in the ocean

Ch. 2 - Smart worldview: Hippasus, Galileo, Darwin and Freud 

Ch. 3 - The suppression of the ego and momentary socializaion during education

Ch. 4 - Free advice about health and safety and a stable society

Ch. 5 - Gender: small scale and large scale

Ch. 6 - The human mind: Emotion then logic, Catheral and Library, Civilization and empire

Ch. 7 - Communicaton

Ch. 6.1 - The end of the life-cycle and autopsy


Part 2: Non-ficition

Ch. 7.1 - The Library: Information organization DDS art as an organizing factor

Ch. 7.2 - Information quality and how to know

Ch. 7.3 - Structure: Urban, tunnel vision, paritioning, focus

Ch. 7.4 - Compaction:housing, invention of words/writing

Ch. 7.5 - Durability: text upon the stone (or bronze)

Ch. 8 - Faith: God and money, God's will past and future

Ch. 10 - Privacy within a worldview

Ch. 14 - The role of the Jester: Entertainment and the Saloon

Ch. 15. - What do you care what other people think?

Ch. 16 - Decmocracy and transparency

Ch. 17 - If I saw farther, it was because I disobeyed orders and thought new thoughts


Part 3: Modern life

Ch. 18 - Urbanization and our intellectual legacy

Ch. 19 - World population and world peace

Ch. 20 - Atomic Theory and DNA

Ch. 21 - Entropy and the death of the Universe

Ch. 22 - Nukes, Space travel and Information

Ch. 23 - Space and time and the 3-D web

Ch. 24 - Stage fright on the Internet

Ch. 25 - The Internet and Wikipedia as a harbinger of the near-future

Ch. 25.1 - Wikipedia lessons learned and a possibel re-design

Ch. 26 - The deeper the penetration...

Ch. 27 - Sharing knowlege vs. controlling it

Ch. 28 - Your credit score and Paypal

Ch. 29 - The so-called Technological Singularity


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